Covalent Lithium joins the UWA I4.0 ERDi TestLab

Published 1/5/2023

The University of Western Australia's Industry 4.0 ERDi TestLab is excited to welcome Western Australian-based lithium company Covalent Lithium as an Associate Industry member. 

Reduced dependence on fossil fuels worldwide is essential to achieving a more sustainable future. 

The world's ability to store and use energy from renewable sources when we need it is crucial to making this vision a reality.

As the global demand for cleaner, battery-based energy storage systems and electric vehicles is rising, so is the need for battery-quality lithium hydroxide. 

However, more Lithium must be produced globally to satisfy the skyrocketing demand.

Covalent Lithium is excited to play a pivotal role in enabling a clean energy future and will have complete control over the end-to-end value chain, delivering significant benefits to the WA economy and the world.

The mine and concentrator are located at Mount Holland (approximately 100km south of Southern Cross). Combined with a refinery in Kwinana, it is capable of producing approximately 50,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide per year.  

At full production, Covalent Lithium will produce enough lithium hydroxide to enable approximately one million electric vehicles to replace regular vehicles on the road each year. The first lithium hydroxide will be produced at the refinery in 2025.

Given the above, the ERDi team are excited about working with the Covalent team to explore how Industry 4.0 approaches will enable value creation for their businesses, both in their current operations and into the future. 

"We are very excited to welcome Covalent Lithium as an industry member of the I4.0 TestLab. The opportunity to work with the Covalent Lithium team and apply industry 4.0 approaches in advancing their operational performance and future-proofing their technology capability via standards-based interoperability is a journey we are grateful to be a part of" - John Kirkman of the UWA ERDi TestLab. 

If you are interested in Industry 4.0 and how your company may be able to collaborate and support the i4.0 strategies of our industry and technology members, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or visit  

About Covalent Lithium 

The Covalent Way

Our Vision is to enable clean energy on a large scale. 

Our Mission is to reliably and efficiently produce battery-quality lithium hydroxide in Western Australia.

 At Covalent Lithium, we are committed to playing our part in achieving a clean energy future by producing high-quality lithium hydroxide. 

 Our lithium hydroxide enables the production of batteries for EVs that will reduce carbon globally and take fossil-fuel cars off the roads.

 Our Vision and Mission are underpinned by a set of values, ensuring we work with Purpose, Care, Accountability and Collaboration.

 Covalent CEO Ryan Hair strongly advocates ensuring Covalent's values are embedded in everything it does.

 "At Covalent Lithium, our Values are more than just words. The principles guide how we behave, work, and engage with each other and our industry. Committing to working this way ensures we successfully and efficiently produce battery-quality lithium hydroxide in Western Australia," Mr Hair said.

Covalent Lithium’s Values

Purpose to us is about being focused, curious and prepared. We are driven to work collaboratively to develop solutions to achieve our Vision of enabling clean energy on a large scale."

Care reflects our commitment to working safely, being respectful, humble and inclusive in our interactions. It also demonstrates our commitment and passion for achieving our Mission.

We pride ourselves on being accountable. We demonstrate this by approaching everything we do openly and honestly to deliver our commitments and recognise achievements.

Collaboration is about engaging widely, prioritising value, and innovatively solving problems.