ERDi Test Lab Services

ERDi provides the optimal validation platform for you to test I4.0 commercial readiness for open process control and operations management systems using international standards.

We specialise in I4.0 interoperability standards from standards definition, research and development, testing of interoperable components and architectures, education, advisory and compliance testing.

I4.0 Advisory


We have subject matter experts who will conduct an assessment of your software or business improvement challenge and assist you in determining the specific functionality and standard interfaces/message exchanges your software will require, in order to support and meet interoperability requirements.

To learn more about this service or to request a quotation, please contact us at

Who can benefit?

Technology and Industry organisations that are seeking advice on how their software and architectures can benefit from becoming i4.0 interoperable and how to achieve this.

Mining and Energy organisations seeking advice/assessments on how i4.0 interoperability could solve specific challenges as well identify specific opportunities for improvement.

I4.0 Compliance Testing & Certification


The ERDi TestLab is best placed to assist you in achieving compliance with I4.0 interoperability standards in 2020. Get ahead of the game, future proof your technology and gain a competitive edge by achieving I4.0 interoperability standards certification.

Demonstrate your company's commitment to and compliance with I4.0 interoperability standards by engaging us to independently test and certify your technology.

  • Pre- certification testing
  • Certification Testing

The TestLab utilises realistic mining i4.0 aligned test data sets and configuration data, enabling technology vendors to build and test their software against interoperability standards applied to real world mining use cases.

We will be providing technology conformance testing on behalf of various I4.0 standards organisations, commencing with OPAS Technology Compliance Testing from Q2 2020 onwards.

Who can benefit?

Technology companies that wish to have their software/technology certified as standards compliant.

I4.0 Collaborative Projects and Proof of Concepts (POCs)


The ERDi TestLab team can support your specific goals by working with you (and others) in executing I4.0 collaborative projects and undertaking POCs using our sophisticated Lab technology, configuration and test data sets.

Who can benefit?

Industry and Technology companies that are seeking i4.0 expertise support in the scoping and execution of a specific i4.0 related proof of concept or project.

Current TestLab Projects

The Lab's inaugural project is the AMIRA P1208 Project.

"AMIRA P1208 - Enabling Interoperability in Natural Resources" is a 12-month project which aims to demonstrate that existing interoperability standards can be implemented into existing software packages used in mining today as well as demonstrate benefits associated with cross functional/process/system automation.

  • Project Dates: March 2020 to March 2021
  • Current Industry Partners: – FMG, South32, Goldfields with further announcements soon
  • Scope :
    - i4.0 Interoperable Mine Planning, Scheduling, FMS and Materials Tracking POC
    - i4.0 interoperable data platforms
    - i4.0 process control POC (OPAS)
    - i4.0 standards rate of change and more performant implementation schema POC


If you are interested in participating in a current project or if you have a specific need or idea for a project you would like to run in Lab, please contact us for an introductory discussion with the team.

Lab Demonstration and Testing Services


The Lab has been designed to host, test and showcase i4.0 technologies. The lab can be used to test and/or showcase single or multiple software packages working against real i4.0 mining test and data sets.

Who can benefit?

Industry and technology companies that wish to utilise the lab to test and/or demonstrate i4.0 technologies.