I4.0 Process Control/Automation Collaboration and Testbed Technology Partners

Process Control/Automation is undergoing its most significant and fundamental change as the result of the drive towards open and interoperable automation technologies that more closely integrate with IT systems and leverage modern IT approaches.

This evolution is being driven largely by initiatives such as the Open Process Automation Forum.

The ultimate vision of OPAF™ is a standards-based, open, secure, and interoperable process control architecture which:

  •  Enables access to a leading-edge capability
  •  Allows integration of best-in-class components
  •  Preserves asset owners' application software; Significantly lowers cost of future replacement
  •  Promotes innovation and value creation
  •  Applies across multiple process industries
  •  Encourages innovation and value creation
  •  Is commercially available
  •  Is an inclusive collaboration between users and suppliers to provide the framework for an open systems architecture innovation and value creation

The resulting change is so significant and so extensive, that one of the major barriers to realising the associated benefits and early adoption is knowledge.

To combat this, the ERDi TestLab has established an O-PAS™ Testbed that will work directly with our O-PAS™ TestLab Technology Partners, whom provide various O-PAS™ compliant technologies to ensure the lab is equipped with the most current technologies, as products emerge over time.

The Lab and O-PAS™ partners provide access and services to end-user member and systems integrator companies to enable them to become familiar with the many new concepts and technologies, through the provision of hands on training and Proof of Concepts (POCs).

How do I become an O-PAS™ Technology Partner?

The TestLab is interested in welcoming any technology company providing O-PAS™ compliant technology to become an official ERDi O-PAS™ Technology Partner.

Being a partner provides you with unique opportunities to engage with a membership base who are interested and eager to learn more about your company and technology offerings, as they seek to identify new ways to improve their operations.

To find out more, contact Cameron Bowden cameron.bowden@etpartners.com.au

O-PAS Technology Conformance Testing – Coming Soon

One of the critical and differentiating aspects of the O-PAS approach to establishing and embedding interoperable process control technologies in the market is technology conformance certification. This provides technology providers with the opportunity to have their technology certified as compliant with the O-PAS standards relevant to their products, by way of official technology conformance testing at O-PAS technology certification testing facilities.

 ERDi has been developing Redfish test tools, verification and validation test scripts for Part 5 of the O-PAS Standard and is working with O-PAS to become a certified O-PAS Test Facility when the program launches in 2021.

 For anyone currently enhancing their products to support Part 5 that would like to get some testing and feedback prior to certification, please feel free to contact cameron.bowden@etpartners.com.au to see how we can help. 

Strategic Opportunities for Technology Partners

Small Scale LNG Train - ERDi, together with the FENEX CRC and Energy Futures Facility will be seeking to design and implement a standards based interoperable process automation solution, to be developed at the Energy Futures Facilities small scale LNG train within Western Australia. Technology Partners of the O-PAS TestBed will be afforded the opportunity to have their technology implemented as part of this unique project.

 UWA Associate Degree in I4.0  and Campus TestLab – ERDi O-PAS TestBed Technology Partners will have the opportunity to support the development of the Associate Degree with UWA as well as have their technology utilised as part of the curriculum and implemented at the UWA TestLab located on the UWA campus.