Technology Partners Program

An I4.0 aligned, open standards based, digital interoperability landscape will have a significant impact on the Energy and Resources sectors in terms of bottom line benefits and enabling more rapid technology innovation and adoption.

Technology Partner Program

The ERDi TestLab is establishing Technology Partnerships with key technology companies for the provision of software and hardware to build the lab, providing a unique opportunity to showcase the point of difference advantages and performance capabilities of the products supplied and utilised by the TestLab during its operation.

We are seeking to partner with leading technology companies from around the world, whilst providing a robust platform for you to test I4.0 commercial readiness for open process control systems using international standards.

The UWA I4.0 ERDi TestLab will enable you to:

  • Validate your technology readiness for an I4.0 environment
  • Develop and improve your technology and architecture
  • Overcome technical problems
  • Lower technology risks
  • Increase technology adoption


Technology vendors will be able to leverage the Lab and be educated about interoperability standards and architecture, enabling them to build their solutions in line with these standards. This will in-turn make it simpler to technically implement and integrate their technologies with other systems, thus reducing the barriers to implementing their technology into operations.

Technology is key to making the TestLab a success. Play your part in enabling effective Collaboration.

The Lab will enable collaboration between technology vendors, mining and oil & gas companies, both in Australia and internationally via Open Process Automation Forum and future international lab collaborations. 

How do I become a Technology Partner?

The TestLab is interested in meeting with market leaders in the relevant Technology fields applicable to the functionality and end outcomes desired by the TestLab.

Interested companies are encouraged to speak to us about how they can assist the TestLab with the provision of their respective technologies for implementation and usage by TestLab customers.

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