ERDi TestLab Celebrates its Collaboration with AWS with Official Launch Party Event

Published 14/7/2021

On Wednesday 21 July from 5pm to 7.30pm, EDRi TestLab in Perth is holding a celebration in recognition of its exciting collaboration with AWS, which promises to be a catalyst for enabling software vendors to evolve their product offerings to take advantage of the performance and scale of elastic cloud.

Complimenting the live entertainment and celebratory fare on the night, AWS will be providing key insights into how they are supporting vendors as well as industry in these initiatives and outlining how vendors and industry can take full advantage of their unique services via ERDi.

Furthermore, the ERDi team will take advantage of the opportunity to provide an informative overview of several globally significant milestones with respect to interoperability, including what Australian industry and technology sectors must do to take advantage.

The small presentation will briefly cover the following topics:

  • World’s first I4.0 interoperability standards based, multi-product, multi-vendor, out of the box solution in open pit mining.
  • World’s first i4.0 interoperability standards based, multi-product, multi-vendor, out of the box solution in underground mining.
  • World’s first commercially available, O-PAS™ standards based, interoperable, multi-product, multi-vendor, out of the box process control solution – COPA QuickStart
  • Update on O-PAS™ progress and who is doing what including ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, Petronas and Reliance Industries.  
  • Update on ERDi’s O-PAS™ Technology Conformance Testing Capability – The only Testlab globally for conformance testing O-PAS™ Part 5.
  • Opportunities overview – How Industry and Technology sectors can take advantage.

Automation Industry veteran and noted author for, Bill Lydon, captured the significance of the move to interoperable systems nicely in this feature article COPA Accelerates Process Manufacturing Competitiveness (

“The move to open industrial and process automation systems is analogous to the shifts that occurred when PC technology displaced minicomputer and mainframes.” – Bill Lydon

The potential impact that open process control can have in Australia is significant when you consider that all minerals and petroleum products extracted and shipped from Australia at some stage, go through various processing plants that all utilise process control technology.

“Miners, Oil & Gas Operators and Manufacturers who are seeking to remain competitive in their markets through increased volumes at lower unit costs within their installed infrastructure, whilst also being flexible to changing market conditions and technology advancement, simply cannot ignore interoperability” said John Kirkman of ERDi.  

From an Industry 4.0 perspective, interoperability is the plumbing that enables availability of rich, reliable, aligned data to all systems used to run and optimise an operation, whilst also significantly reducing the cost and effort to implement, support and change out technologies over time.  

To take advantage of the opportunities that interoperability delivers, first requires an investment in the education your workforce.

Global leaders in the space of interoperability (both industry and technology vendors) who started their journey years ago, are now benefiting from the knowledge gained through their investment to date and are leading the pack in terms taking advantage of the rapidly emerging interoperable technology market and opportunities at scale, ahead of their peers and competitors.

Event numbers are strictly limited, however if you’d like to join in the celebrations and meet the team, please get in contact with us at before COB 16 July 2021.