Exor joins ERDi TestLab to conduct mobile machine interoperability proof of concepts with Gold Fields, Epiroc and ABB

Published 28/1/2022

Exor is working with ERDi and Goldfields to trial i4.0 standards-based interoperability with mobile machines.

Exor International and local support office EXOR Oceania, is the name that in many industries the most influential companies trust. The EXOR offer ranges from the standard product, customized hardware & software, to fully embedded solutions to meet your goals.

EXOR provides you with easy-to-use tools which express a highly advanced technology fully responsive to the concepts of Industry 4.0. Founded in 1971, today it has 200 employees across Italy, Germany, USA, Australia (Exor Oceania) and India.

What EXOR can offer you is the ability to securely acquire data from almost any approval critical location across multiple vendor and protocols, powerfully work with this data in real time at the edge and then send this data to a robust cloud to visualize, manipulate and analyse.

With Our Technology, we are able to help you implement Your Industry 4.0 solution to your business problem.

Over the past few months, Exor, Goldfields and the ERDi team have been exploring how Exor’s industry 4.0 ready solutions could be utilised to support various proofs of concept focused on unlocking value via high performance, standards based interoperable gateways and HMIs interoperating with machines, networks, location and fleet management solutions.

The proofs of concept will include lab testing and a field trial at Goldfields Granny Smith Mine where Gold Fields has already taken steps to implement the world’s first i4.0 standards interoperable Mining Operations System (MOS) between value chain master data solution, mine planning, fleet management, materials tracking and enterprise data warehouse.

Leveraging outputs of the METS Ignited sponsored Mobile Equipment Interoperability Project, where the ERDi team has been developing OPC-UA companion specification schemas for mobile equipment Gold Fields will explore the opportunity to extend their MOS solution to various machines.

“We are very excited to have Exor join the Lab and partner with us on these proofs of concept”, said John Kirkman from ERDi TestLab.

Exor’s approach to innovation, R&D and product development has resulted in products that support numerous industry standards, are modular, highly configurable, highly extendable and high performance.

The EXOR Multi Protocol IIoT Gateway with Cloud Connectivity acts as the central element in the IIoT landscape and is designed to communicate between automation devices, the cloud, fog, and applications. EXOR eXware707 gateway uses Intel® Cyclone® V FPGA to manage graphics and user interfaces, integrates with a wide range of legacy devices through 200 brownfield protocols, supports OPC UA and TSN for compute-intensive edge applications and interoperability and saves power with module architecture based on Intel® Cyclone® V FPGA.

 “Exor’s products provide a perfect base for these types of proofs of concept, as for the most part we are not expecting we have to develop any custom code or interfaces and can cycle through the proofs of concept more rapidly and will be able to quickly move to field trail and operational roll outs in months rather than years” said Kirkman.

Furthermore, I’m excited at the prospect of the commercial opportunities that may result from this work for Exor, mining fleet management vendors and mining equipment OEMs and look forward to extending the work with our partner members in the near future” Kirkman added.

“It is an absolute pleasure to join and support this project and the team at ERDi, but most importantly we are pleased to see so much enthusiasm around our solution and i4.0” said Carlo Sportiello from Exor Oceania.


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