Adbri join the mix at ERDi

Published 7/10/2021

Previously known as Adelaide Brighton, Adbri has become the ERDi TestLab’s latest Associate Industry TestLab member.

Being one of Australia’s pioneering construction materials and industrial mineral manufacturing companies, Adbri pride themselves in their agility and are always ready to partner with their customers and communities to make sure they create a better way of life.

Known for delivering high performance products on time, every time, Adbri provide cement, lime, concrete, aggregates, concrete products and industrial minerals that last the test of time.

The Group employs more than 1,500 people across Australia and, with its joint ventures, operates 57 quarries and 102 concrete plants supporting its portfolio of 22 brands.

One of the less discussed, but significant benefits of manufacturing, mining, energy, and agriculture industries all using common i4.0 interoperability standards to enable automation of end-to-end processes, is that it enables IP developed in one industry to be more easily transferable and useable to the other industries. 

“We are really excited to have Adbri come on board as our first traditional manufacturing industry member and are looking forward to exploring where and how they may benefit from these cross-industry opportunities enabled by i4.0 interoperability” said John Kirkman, co-founder of the TestLab.

“We are equally excited to begin the i4.0 journey as an organisation and working with a strong partner like ERDi will definitely help accelerate our program. We see a definite need to adopt the i4.0 standards within our Kwinana Upgrade Project, as a proof of concept in the short term, to help support process improvement and operating efficiencies” said Ernest Peters from Adbri.

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