Process Automation Opens Up

Published 13/7/2020

Any manufacturing, energy or mining resource company seeking to leverage emerging i4.0 technologies to vastly improve business performance, simply cannot ignore the critical role that open and interoperable architectures will play in achieving this goal.

Ignoring these architectures in the race to hastily implement new technologies in the hopes of achieving meaningful and sustainable benefits, will inevitably result in significant dollars spent for little to no return.

A recent article published by (, provides an informative summary of the efforts in this space contributed to by a large number of experts, with respect to the Open Process Automation Standards (OPAS).

UWA ERDi i4.0 TestLab members and invited guests will be lucky enough to hear from two such experts in this field, Don Bartusiak and Dave Emerson, as they provide a special OPAS information and Q&A session hosted exclusively by the UWA ERDi TestLab in August.

For more about the presentation or UWA ERDi TestLab membership, please contact