Enterprise Transformation Partners


Enterprise Transformation Partners (ETP) is a niche consultancy focused on assisting mining and oil & gas companies achieve high performance operations through the automation of processes, systems and information flows.

ETP is of the view that technology is an ever-increasing source of competitive advantage, but also recognises the significant challenges in delivering technology successfully. All too often, technology merely automates the current way of working rather than enabling the new ways of working needed for your business to thrive.

This is the differentiator that ETP believes is key to unlocking latent performance from your business. At ETP, we actively identify the best standards that support advanced operating models and work with the relevant standards organisations to enhance them to derive the maximum benefit and accommodate the new technologies and critical processes.

Our services are targeted towards identifying opportunities for improving the performance of your business, achieved through changing the way your business operates and utilising technology to automate and enable this improved way of working.

ETP provides advisory, strategic, enterprise architecture and systems integration services.

We believe that standards-based interoperability is the key enabler to unlocking significant value and realising an I4.0 operating paradigm. As such, we invest heavily in the advancement of operations management (ISA-95) and process control standards (OPAF) with the goal of ensuring that they cater to the needs of the resources sector and its use cases.

With rare and highly specialised expertise in advanced operations management concepts, we focus on lowering the operating costs of any company with a physical goods value chain, especially those within the mining, oil & gas and batch manufacturing industries.

To find out more, visit https://www.etpartners.com.au or contact info@etpartners.com.au.